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Web Applications

Web Applications

3 Tier Systems' core service provision is the development of enterprise Web Applications.

Web Applications can take many forms including custom portals, back-end office systems, content management systems and more. Web Applications can also interface with other systems, including VOIP phone systems, databases, accounts and other websites and devices.

Whether the requirement is a new system, or an upgrade/migration of a legacy IT system, web application's enable organisations to simplify IT operations and economically access scalable and high availability, state-of-the-art technologies. Web Applications can also be deployed to Cloud based infrastructures, which can reduce IT costs further.

Software Development

Our IT professionals specialise in developing high performance, scalable IT solutions based on high volume, multi-threaded, low latency designs.

When developing systems, we focus strongly on object-oriented design coupled with Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Business Driven Development (BDD) processes - project managed under a Agile project management framework.

For each project, we focus on developing products to client's requirements within timescales and budgets. Our core technology and skills include:

  • Languages: Java, C, C++
  • HTML,CSS, Javascript
  • Protocols: TCP-IP,HTTP, SIP, VIOP, Restful interfaces
  • Mobile: Android and iOS mobile applications
  • Web Server Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, JSP, PHP
  • Legacy Languages: Cobol, Pascal, Assembly
Programming Languages

Secure Hosting

System down-time can be very damaging - affecting income and company reputation. It is, therefore, very important that fault tolerant hardware infrastructures are in place.

Our hosting environment was the first Tier 3 data centre in the world to gain ISO 27009 certification. Combining high performance software infrastructure, system scalability, secure web hosting and fault tolerant power and connectivity we can provide the highest quality services to support your business requirements.