Give your business the best start


Start Ups

Do you have an innovative IT business idea? We specialise in building exciting branding, designing bespoke websites and applications to help launch start-ups and small businesses.


3 Tier Systems provides a dedicated support program to new businesses. This includes support for business planning, funding applications and access to a network of mentoring partners. Infrastructure is crucial for companies and getting the right IT foundations at the start of a business, or project, is often key to early success and longevity of business start ups.

Working with you and your company during the early stages of start-up allows us to analyse and implement effective IT solutions to maximise your success. It also enables us to fully understand company vision and goals - so we can tailor our solutions and support to best suit your project as it develops.

Services we offer include:

  • Free consultation service
  • Business plan review and development service
  • Support for developing branding - logos, letterhead, emails and social media
  • Access to business grade emails, calendar functions and cloud storage
  • Website development
  • Mobile phone development
  • Web application development

Starting a new company can be challenging and we know how that feels - we've been there. We want you to feel confident about the design process and not confused with IT jargon. We provide high levels of customer service and, from the beginning, will talk you through the development cycle and provide constant updates on progress.

For more information about how we can help, call or email our team. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide IT support for your start-up or small business.