The Knowledge Economy



Using advanced technology we can create effective solutions that foster, deliver and facilitate learning - any time and anywhere.

Online courses deliver bespoke and dynamic learning content in real time, often linking learners with experts and teachers. They can provide a highly effective learning environment - one that can even surpass the level of training you might experience in a busy classroom. It is self-paced, hands-on learning. Independent studies have found that online learning can be 50% faster in delivering content compared to using traditional teaching methods.


3 Tier Systems can develop interactive SCORM based content for deployment with e-learning portals.

E-Learning offers the following advantages:

  • Combining content - Images, sounds and text work together, resulting in better retention of learning material.
  • Interaction - Games, quizzes or manipulation of objects on the screen creates more interest, which builds better information retention.
  • Feedback - E-learning courses can provide immediate feedback to correct misunderstood material.
  • Discussion - Discussion boards and e-mails offer effective interaction for users. It provides the equivalent of classroom discussion.
  • Self-paced - E-learning allows the learner to follow a course at his or her own pace. Courses offer user-controlled elements, allowing learners to skip material they already know and understand.
  • Audio - The power of audio may often be overlooked, but the combination of written and spoken words has a considerable impact on information recall and retention.
  • Training - E-learning eliminates the problems associated with different instructors teaching different material on the same subject. This is often important for company-based training.

We can help you to maximise the potential of e-learning by combining cutting edge technology, exceptional service and proven online application solutions.