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Breaking The odds is a secture prototype gaming engine.

Online gaming is an fast growing area. Supporting large number of users within any online platform is a huge challange. However, developing a gaming engine that support large number of useres is additionally chanllagning as game logic also need to be managed.

Breaking the odds is a fun application that demostrates the viability of pool/snooker physics engine wthin a server side environment. A key technical achievement of the system is the ability to process over 100 pool breaks a second. The dynamics of the pool engine including tracking not only the direction, but also the spin, and even the effects of the rub of cloth of the table.

Because the server provides the processing logic, client side interfaces providing the visuals game could are light weight - making gaming ideally suited for web based, flash and mobile technologies.

As gaming logic is by nature secure, this gaming system is ideally suited for large scale gaming and online gambling platforms

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App Design, J2EE, DB, VOIP, Flash, PDF