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Deloitte is a global leader in providing business intellegence. To deliver this service, their key activity involves data mining, analysing, and reporting of financial, market and company data.

Deloitte's had a unique problem; pulling together many data sets often resulted in duplicate/similar records being captured. These typically were manually removed. This proved to be very time consuming and costly process.

To address the problem, 3 Tier Systems was commissioned and developed a Java Swing application that through a multi threaded 'fuzy' logic engine processed and automated the task of identifying and removing unwanted records.

  • JDBC connection to database.
  • Use of Java and Swing technology to provide cross platform application that supported both PC and Apple computers
  • High Performance Deduplication Engine
  • Report and Export facility so data can be analysis in other tools.

The project utilised Agile project methodology and was ompleted on-time.

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